Week 3 Analysis: RISE Peer Feedback


I don't know how old you are, and I know I don't dare ask, but being 42 myself , and going through a career change, it was hard to not feel an immediate connection with your story. I understand, first-hand, how intimidating it can be taking on such a life-altering decision. So first off, GOOD FOR YOU! It's not an easy decision, and the fact that you are doing it is impressive all by itself.

You mentioned your passion for hockey. Was it because of your son that the interest for hockey came to be, or was it before that? Did you like other sports, and just never knew how awesome hockey was? I'm a sports junkie myself, and have been since I was a child, so I love the fact that your 3 year old is already lacing 'em up!

It's impressive that you did the Spokane Chiefs promo. If you were to stay with them for the rest of your sports marketing career, and that made you happy, would that be satisfying to you? If so, that's great, but if you have a talent- and an obvious passion- then I suggest trying to contact a pro team. Even if it wasn't hockey, and say the Seahawks, that sounds like an opportunity that would be beneficial to your career, too. Oh, and I'm sure you know, but it sounds like Seattle's getting a hockey team anyway, so just be patient!

And if Seattle did get a hockey team, then that sounds exactly like what you're going after. And if that happened, your story would look a lot different!

Best of luck to you,

Alister Konrath