Week 2 Analysis: Brands & The Human Connection/Curating 3

In the song Pepper, by the Butthole Surfers, there's a line that goes, "You never know just how you look through other people's eyes." As far as the Dove commercial goes, that line couldn't be anymore true. It's a bit sad that so many of us, myself included, don't see ourselves as beautiful as others do. There's a lot of psychology that can be discussed about the "why", but I'll save that for a later time.

1. As far as who the "target audience" is, I would argue that it's everyone. I realize that the product itself is for women, but I believe most everyone struggles with self-image, therefore anyone who sees the commercial would have a connection to it.

2. I'm not sure exactly how the content supports the Dove brand, to be honest. Obviously, Dove is a beauty product company, but the content suggests seeing yourself more beautifully, without mentioning any Dove products to help you do that. Maybe the fact that Dove is a beauty product company is enough to connect the content and the brand. That seems logical, being that if it were a Firestone tire commercial, it may come off a little odd.

3. I think the reality of the commercial is what's most engaging. Whenever I'm watching anything that isn't live, it's hard for me not to think about what gets edited out. It's a commercial, so the end result is putting the best spot out there to sell as much of what your advertising as possible. With that said, the music, and the realness of the lady's emotion, is what I found most engaging. To see a couple of them moved to tears made me tear up. Again, the fact that so many of us struggle with our own self-image made it easy to be engaged because we can connect with the women on a very vulnerable level.

4 & 5. I think the campaign achieved record numbers because it's relatable. Self-help books are flying off the bookshelves, and selling in record numbers, so that tells you there's many people out there who aren't feeling that their good enough. Also, it's a feel good spot, so there were probably millions of people sending it to loved ones, and people they care about, reposting it online, and any other way they could to get the message out. Humans are funny in that way, we are so quick to tell someone else they are beautiful, but reluctant to believe the same about themselves.

6. I think the take-away is pretty obvious; find a way to connect emotionally. It's always good if it can be a positive response like the Dove ad, but even a negative response isn't necessarily bad. Either way, you hit a nerve, and that is the take-away for me. In Howard Stern's movie, Private Parts, the people who hated Stern the most listened to him more. Why? Because they wanted to see what he'd say next. Connect emotionally, and you'll get a response.