Week 1 Project: My Full Sail Story

Before I started the MCBS program, I had been selling cars, and other things, for the last 20 years.
I was good at sales, and I made a good living doing it, but it didn't make me happy.
I had always thought I wanted to be a sports-broadcaster.
I even interned at the local sports radio station in Minneapolis.
But then, I decided to go to the military because my grades weren't good enough to go to the college I had wanted.
I figured I'd get the military experience, while getting the help of the G.I. Bill.
Because of that, I put off my passion while serving my country.
While enlisted, I got married, and my priorities had to change.
Because of that, I lost my way.
I forgot what my purpose was, and lost my direction.
Because of that, I started selling cars when I got out of the Army, instead of going back to school.
I was successful at sales, so I stayed in it- a little too long.
Until finally, 20 years later, the passion returned.
It's possible the passion never left, but the fleeting feeling of life slipping away, made me realize I needed to do something.
And ever since, I decided to pursue my passion for sports-broadcasting by enrolling at Full Sail.
It's something I should have done a long time ago, but life has a certain way of unfolding the way it's going to, while you subconsciously sit by.