Surprise, Surprise! Buh buh, Norv.

Pretty sure nobody saw this coming.

Norv Turner, the offensive guru who was hired by the Vikings to be the OC, surprised everybody by announcing his resignation this morning.

Even with the Vikings offense being borderline pathetic this year, and even with all the injuries that have plagued Minnesota, Turner's announcement caught even the hardiest football insiders a bit off-guard.

But during Head Coach Mike Zimmer's presser, he said something that was indeed interesting. Zimmer said that he hopes Turner and himself can "remain friends."


Even in the most dire of situations, a statement like that makes Zimmer's claim of being "very, very surprised" [by Turner's resignation] somewhat suspect.

Remember this, Zimmer is a Bill Parcells guy, and with that said, I imagine it's Zimmer's way, or the highway- even with the impressive resume of Turner's.

Something tells me the ineptness of the Vikings offense, even with all the injuries, has got Zimmer giving some input. Turner, being an offensive guy, and not respecting Zimmer's advice (being that Zimmer's a defensive guy) may not have heeded any of the input, thus building some resentment between the two.

I could be totally wrong, and Turner, not seeing a good ending to the season, chose to cut ties, instead of riding out the inevitable.

But why would a possible Hall of Fame coach just quit on a team? Exactly. That's just something I don't believe.

Therefore, it gets back to Zimmer wanting change, and Turner not wanting Zimmer's advice.

Yet, after the dust settles, it's really not that big a loss. Granted, Turner is a really good coach, but the Vikings have Pat Shurmer waiting in the wings, and he's been Sam Bradford's coach on three different occasions, including this stint with the Vikings- two of which were a head coach, with the Rams and Eagles, respectively.

As a Vikings fan, I'm hoping this is the clichè'd "light a fire under the team" move. They need it.

But in reality, Shurmer now needs to figure out how to make the offensive line block better, not only for the league's worst run offense, but also in pass protection, so Sam Bradford doesn't end up in the hospital.

Good luck, Pat.


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