Bartman should tell the Cubs to fuck off

The "other guy", with his hand out, was that close to having his life ruined.

As a Vikings fan, I'm justified in blaming Gary Anderson for losing the '98 NFC Championship v. the Atlanta Falcons. His 38-yard miss kept the Falcons within reach, and they eventually won, in a slow-death, knife-churning-in-the-stomach loss that may go down as the worst loss in Vikings history.

And in the '09 NFC Championship, when Favre chose to throw across his body for an interception, instead of running for the first down that would've set up a game-winning field goal attempt v. the New Orleans Saints? That was 100% Favre's fault, and he should've been left on a New Orleans tarmac, a la, Lane Kiffen.

And last year, when Blair Walsh lined up- and missed- a game-clinching, 27-yard field goal in the NFC Wild-Card round against the Seahawks, he should've been tied to the field goal post [in the -10 degree weather], and left to freeze. That loss may be worse than '98, come to think of it, and without-a-doubt, was Walsh's fault.

So when Steve Bartman interfered with a fly ball on October 14th, 2003, at Wrigley Field, one that Cubs outfielder, Moises Alou, was attempting to catch in the NLDS v. the Florida Marlins, in a game that the Cubs went on to lose (and the series), the city of Chicago, and everybody in the media who could pile on the blame, did just that. And the life of Steve Bartman would be forever ruined, unjustly.

The Cubs were four outs away from a trip to the World Series, but because they blew it, everybody and their mother, put the blame squarely on Bartman because of his interference.

Heaven for bid, Cubs fans, you just admit the obvious. That your team blew it.

The notion that Bartman's interference led to the Cubs loss is pathetic, at best. Even worse, up until two nights ago, the Cubs fans actually blamed their long World Series drought on a billy goat!

Sorry, Cubs fans, your team just sucked. Period. For over 100 years.

Any one of us, put in Bartman's position, would have done the exact same thing. And if you say differently, you're a dick.

Being a Cubs fan for the last 108 years is the equivalent of being a Twins fan, minus the two World Series, of course. You had some decent teams, but for the most part, you were losers- the Lovable Losers. Your fans cared less if you won or lost, because they were getting hammered, partying in the stands with Harry Carey (which I've done).

Therefore, now that all the Cubs fans are sucking Bartman's dick, trying to get him to come out of hiding, I hope Bartman tells all of you to fuck off. You ruined a man's life over a baseball game, and never once thought to question if your motives were a bit misguided.


Enjoy your World Series, Chicago.


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