America gets what it deserves- and everything will be ok

Even though I didn't vote, which definitely ignited the "You don't have a say then" crowd, I still was shocked by Donald Trump winning the Presidential Election last night.

I would've bet my life that his involvement in the election was a mere joke; a sideshow of a foregone conclusion that had Hilary Clinton winning by a wide margin.

And then last night unfolded, state by state for Trump. And when Florida was awarded to Trump, I knew it was over.

Being that I didn't have a horse in the race (I was voting for Bernie), it wasn't necessarily a big deal, as much as it was amazing that our society would elect a chauvinistic, racist.

Imagine how terrible of a job Clinton did of running her campaign? The Trump pins were set up to be easily knocked down, yet she threw a gutter ball. Her epic fail in this is really impressive.

But Clinton was no Saint, herself, and the U.S. people obviously took that into consideration. And forget the emails, Clinton's problem is that everybody knew, if elected, nothing would change, the status quo would remain, and that's not what America wanted, even though things are actually pretty good here.

I tell anybody who will listen that the U.S. has it so good, in fact, the majority still give a shit about the Kardashians. Once that changes, that's when you know people are actually starting to pay attention to real issues. Like it, or not, that's the reality.

Trump won because his campaign was a movement. People were fed up with the direction America was going, and they knew by electing Trump, a massive stone would be thrown into the calm lake, sending ripples throughout.

That's why I wanted Bernie. Bernie was a movement. A movement that was based on factual corruption that was taking place versus Trump's movement that was based off bluster, which obviously works with our society (see Jesse Ventura).

Bernie was squeezed out because he posed the biggest threat to both Clinton and Trump. Bernie was actually for the people, while the other two are solely, and obviously, for themselves. Fortunately for Bernie, he didn't get elected, because the last President to go against the machine was JFK, and we know how that story ends.

But even though Trump won, those of you who think the sky is going to fall, take solace in knowing the President is told what to do- a talking head for the people who actually run the world.

This isn't a conspiracy thought, but actual fact, so save the accusations.

America has a central bank, and we call that the Federal Reserve. The Fed prints money that is loaned to us. We pay income taxes to pay back that loan. I know this is shocking to some, and probably unbelievable to most, but the Fed is a private entity, put in place by those families who loan us the money. Only three countries in the world DO NOT have a central bank. Iraq, Syria, and North Korea.

The people who loan the U.S. that money are in the shadows. We are told Bill Gates is the World's Richest Man, but that is a hilarious fib. The families that loan countries money are the richest, and obviously the ones who have the last say.

So fret all you want about Trump being elected. Just give it time, and realize the things he campaigned on, just like Obama from '07, mean nothing when confronted against the money and power of the machine.

The machine always wins.


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