NFL Week 4 recap (Vikes-Giants/OBJ/Steelers/Packers/Cowboys)

A quarter of the season is already done (insert tears), and the NFL couldn't be any more confusing. The two NFC Championship game participants from last year are 1-3 (Cardinals & Panthers), while the Rams (the Rams!) and Eagles lead their respective divisions. Wait, what?

Throw in the absurd amount of unproven QB's leading their teams to winning records (Bradford, Wentz, Keenum, Garappolo/Brisset, Osweiler, Seimien/Lynch, Prescott), and well, you have the 2016 version of the NFL.

It's not as weird as it seems, though.

Denver proved last year that you can win with great defense and subpar QB play. It's been proven for years actually, but it seems this year, there are more teams following that blueprint. The Eagles (the EAGLES!) are the #1 ranked defense, and they sit at 3-0. The aforementioned Super Bowl defending Champion Broncos are terrorizing folks with their D once again, and they sit at 4-0, while the Vikings, with all their injuries on the offensive side of the ball, are at the top of the NFC North at 4-0 because of a defense that leads the league in sacks and turnover margin. Throw in the Rams, Seahawks, and Texans (all 3-1), and it's safe to say great defenses will always beat a top offense.

The Steelers returned to their dominating ways after a disappointing loss to the upstart Eagles in a Sunday night destruction of the Chiefs. Big Ben threw 5 td's, two going to Antonio Brown, and the Steelers welcomed back, Le'Veon Bell to add to their prolific offense.

The Patriots finished 3-1 without Brady, who returns this week to play against the sacrificial Browns. It will be interesting to see how the Patriots bounce back from getting shut out at home by the hated rival, Bills. Everybody thinks it's a slam-dunk getting a "motivated" Tom Brady back, and we all should be right on this, but this is the NFL, and crazier things have happened.

The Vikings continued their defensive dominance, this time against the Giants on Monday Night Football. They held the crybaby, Odell Beckham Jr, to a career low 23 yards, and even though they never sacked Eli Manning, they made it look like Eli was terrified all night. The last three QB's the Vikings have faced, Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton, and Eli Manning, have thrown a combined one TD and 5 int's. SKOL!

The Rams are following the Vikings blueprint of 2015, while the Cardinals are following the Vikings blueprint of 2010. The Chargers are the best at losing in creative ways. The Raiders are as advertised, and the Jaguars need to fire Gus Bradley. And raise your hand if you thought the NFC East would be the strongest division.

A quarter of the way done, yet the marathon is just getting interesting.


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