Sunday, October 30, 2016

"Shirts v. Skins" (Cubs-Indians/Clemson-Fla St./Jose Fernandez/Vikings)

Monday, October 24, 2016

Guy runs across country in 42 days. Seriously.

Pete Kostelnick is a beast- and a record holder. He ran from San Francisco to New York in 42 days, 8 hours, and 34 minutes. That's 73 miles a day. That's insane.

And he's won the 135-mile Badwater Ultra-marathon twice. I just got blisters writing this.

Safe to say, he's better than you and me.

No heart sends Vikings to first loss v. Eagles

That was ugly.

Terrible offensive line play. Terrible quarterback play. Terrible defensive line play. And terrible special teams play.

I never expected the Vikings to go 16-0, but when you lose a game because you didn't put forth the effort, that's discouraging. Football is a physical and violent sport, and a lack of heart can be seen from a mile away. Especially in the trenches, where you either beat your guy, or you get beat.

The Vikings offensive line is decimated, but the guys who are playing are still professionals- good enough to be playing in the NFL- and to get beat up like they did on Sunday was embarrassing to watch. Hopefully, they're embarrassed, too, because if that's a sign of things to come, this once-promising season could go south in a hurry.

But not all the blame should be directed at the O-line. When Sam Bradford did have time to throw, which wasn't often, he was off, missing wide-open receivers (Charles Johnson down the sideline comes to mind, along with a bad miss to an open Diggs), and throwing uncharacteristic interceptions that gave the momentum right back to the Eagles- after the defense had seized it with picks of their own.

The short yardage run game is an obvious concern. If you need two inches for a first down, I'm thinking it shouldn't be a problem, which it obviously is. Not sure if all the blame is on the O-line for the lack of execution, but with Matt Asiata, you should be able to convert 3rd & 4th and shorts.

Defensively, the aggressiveness from the d-line was absent. After getting abused a week ago by the Redskins, the Eagles offensive line neutralized a Vikings front seven that had been dominant in the previous 5 games. No pass rush, at all for the Vikings. That was surprising against an average-at-best Eagles O-line.

As a whole, the defense did what they needed to do, only giving up 13 points, but Carson Wentz never seemed flustered, and was always getting rid of the football with time to spare. For the front seven, this game was a step backward.

It's only one game, and it feels a lot easier to lose this way than to have played your best, yet still lose. And kudos to Philly's defense. They played like the Vikings defense usually does.

Either way, the 5-0 Vikings were covering weaknesses by winning, while the 5-1 Vikings are now obligated to look in the mirror.

With some poor performances across the board Sunday, maybe this loss is exactly what they needed.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fury loves the cocaine!

Heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury has once again tested positive for cocaine, according to documentation of the failed test obtained by on Wednesday.
It should come as little surprise, however, because Fury admitted in a lengthy interview with Rolling Stone this week that over the past four months, he has "done lots of cocaine. Lots of it."
What a dumbass. We all know coke is outta the system in 3 days (or so I've been told), so this guy must've been banging harder than ol' Scarface himself
Just like the idiot Pros who get busted for coming up hot on a piss test when they now it's coming, Fury obviously thought the rules should be different for "The Champ." They're not.

And you thought America was too violent.. Crazy Russians!!!

NFL Week 4 recap (Vikes-Giants/OBJ/Steelers/Packers/Cowboys)

A quarter of the season is already done (insert tears), and the NFL couldn't be any more confusing. The two NFC Championship game participants from last year are 1-3 (Cardinals & Panthers), while the Rams (the Rams!) and Eagles lead their respective divisions. Wait, what?

Throw in the absurd amount of unproven QB's leading their teams to winning records (Bradford, Wentz, Keenum, Garappolo/Brisset, Osweiler, Seimien/Lynch, Prescott), and well, you have the 2016 version of the NFL.

It's not as weird as it seems, though.

Denver proved last year that you can win with great defense and subpar QB play. It's been proven for years actually, but it seems this year, there are more teams following that blueprint. The Eagles (the EAGLES!) are the #1 ranked defense, and they sit at 3-0. The aforementioned Super Bowl defending Champion Broncos are terrorizing folks with their D once again, and they sit at 4-0, while the Vikings, with all their injuries on the offensive side of the ball, are at the top of the NFC North at 4-0 because of a defense that leads the league in sacks and turnover margin. Throw in the Rams, Seahawks, and Texans (all 3-1), and it's safe to say great defenses will always beat a top offense.

The Steelers returned to their dominating ways after a disappointing loss to the upstart Eagles in a Sunday night destruction of the Chiefs. Big Ben threw 5 td's, two going to Antonio Brown, and the Steelers welcomed back, Le'Veon Bell to add to their prolific offense.

The Patriots finished 3-1 without Brady, who returns this week to play against the sacrificial Browns. It will be interesting to see how the Patriots bounce back from getting shut out at home by the hated rival, Bills. Everybody thinks it's a slam-dunk getting a "motivated" Tom Brady back, and we all should be right on this, but this is the NFL, and crazier things have happened.

The Vikings continued their defensive dominance, this time against the Giants on Monday Night Football. They held the crybaby, Odell Beckham Jr, to a career low 23 yards, and even though they never sacked Eli Manning, they made it look like Eli was terrified all night. The last three QB's the Vikings have faced, Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton, and Eli Manning, have thrown a combined one TD and 5 int's. SKOL!

The Rams are following the Vikings blueprint of 2015, while the Cardinals are following the Vikings blueprint of 2010. The Chargers are the best at losing in creative ways. The Raiders are as advertised, and the Jaguars need to fire Gus Bradley. And raise your hand if you thought the NFC East would be the strongest division.

A quarter of the way done, yet the marathon is just getting interesting.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

You fucking People

I shouldn't be surprised. With society's insatiable appetite for people like Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, and a host of others before him, Odell Beckham Jr's cry-fest and childish tantrums have engulfed the football radio/internet waves.

I just ask why?

Why are people attracted to this type of behavior? And why on earth are there people out there defending this spoiled piece of shit (looking at you, Nick Wright)?

I'm not the smartest man, but I do know, as a society, any attention given to Beckham, or any malcontent, is aimless.

If there's any talk about him, at all, it should be about the ass-whooping he deserves, because he obviously never got one when he was younger.

Wright said that Eli Manning "threw his teammate under the bus" when Eli said Beckham basically needs to grow up, and start acting right.

He's accusing Manning of being wrong? MANNING! This idiot (Wright) has kids! I can only imagine how terrible they are if he condones this behavior from Beckham.

For a psychologist, diagnosing Beckham is wildly easy. He's been babied his whole life, told how great he is, and has never had to deal with adversity- until now- and we're seeing how he's dealing with it.

Diagnosing society's addiction to watching a shit-show? That's the mystery.

And that's the problem with our society.

Just because a person, Beckham in this case, is uber-talented, are we to believe he deserves a different set of standards when it comes to behavior in the workspace, or life in general compared to his peers?

In sports, we see this all the time. Greg Hardy is a prime example. He beat the shit out of his girl. Yeah, but can he still rush the passer? Yes. Then sign him up!

We all know if Ray Rice could still be productive he would've got another gig, too, and all he did was knock the shit out of his girl and drag her into an elevator- on camera!

Wright said Beckham isn't capable of changing. "That's who he is." A 23 year old not able to change? Sorry, but I gotta disagree with that one. Anybody can change, it just gets harder the older you get. At 23, he's going to.change- even if he doesn't want to.

The problem is our society. I've said it a million times, but we need to stop coddling these kids. And yes, I blame his parents, too. He should've been set straight when he was young, and that obviously didn't happen.

Just do me a favor.. Stop.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Striking similarities

The sports world often repeats itself. With so many years, and so many games played, it has no choice.

There's two examples in the NFL this season that are eerily reminiscent of '10 & last year, both of which include the Minnesota Vikings.

First, the Arizona Cardinals. Last year, the Cards made it to the NFC Championship game, only to get housed by Carolina. This year, they brought everybody back from that team (and traded for Chandler Jones!), and most people (not me) were picking them as the most talented, and probably Super Bowl bound.
In '09, the Vikings went to the NFC Championship game and lost (in OT) to the Saints in what became known as Bounty-gate. The following year, the Vikes returned the majority of that team, and had real Super Bowl aspirations with Brett Favre and Co.
Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned. The roof caved in at the Metrodome (a true metaphor for the season), and Favre ended up getting blasted to the turf at TCF Bank Stadium, thus sending him to retirement, and Brad Childress got fired. The Vikings finished 6-10.
I'm not saying the Cardinals are looking at a 6-10 finish, or coach Bruce Arians is going to get fired, but with Carson Palmer getting crushed yesterday, leaving with a concussion, and the Cardinals sitting at 1-3, with a Thursday night road game at San Francisco (we know how that will end), the similarities to the '10 Vikings are hard to ignore.

Second, the Los Angeles Rams. Like the Vikings last year, the Rams looked terrible in getting shut out on Monday Night Football against the 49ers 28-0 (Vikings lost 20-3 in last year's opener), and people were openly talking about them going 0-16 after that embarrassment. Not sure what losing to the 49ers does to teams, but aside from a literal kick in the ass, it must pack a wallop, because the Rams have won three straight after that opening-night disaster in San Francisco (Vikes went 2-1, losing to eventual Super Bowl champs, Denver, in OT), and are looking night and day from the team that got beat up on that opening Monday night.
The Vikings went on to win 11 of 15, win the division, and if it weren't for a missed 27-yd field goal by the Idiot Kicker, who knows how the season would've ended?
I'm not saying the Cards are going 11-5, but they do have a similar recipe to what the Vikings had last year in a solid run game, and a lights-out defense. With the Cards and Panthers sitting at 1-3, the door is open for the young Rams to take control in the NFC.

One team on the rise, and one team picking up the pieces. Just not the two we expected. God, I love football.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Des Bryant is a Bitch

I get it, wide receivers are divas, but 40 times late (give or take) to meetings? That's bullshit. All I know is this, if he were on the Patriots or Vikings, this wouldn't happen. Which means Cowboys head coach, Jason Garrett, is at fault. He is the one who sets precedent, and by letting this conduct happen, he is showing his team the favoritism to Dez, which probably has some sort of dissent in the locker room. Whether the team openly complains is another topic, but being that most of us have been around this type of favoritism, we know it's not healthy.

"Shirts v. Skins" (Lamar Jackson is ridulous/Coaching is everything in college football)

Saturday, October 1, 2016

The sun will come out.. tomorrow [morning at 8;30am PST]!!!!!

Ryder Cup. Lamar Jackson v. DeShaun Watson. NFL Week 4 & More!!!!!!

Aaaaand the Gophers still suck

Give up a 10-point halftime lead? Check. Surrender 17 unawswered points? Check. Make a respectable comeback, and take the lead on a field goal with 54 seconds left, only to have your defense give up a late drive- including a 27 yard run by the opposition's QB (not named Lamar Jackson)- to set up a game-tying 40 yarder? Check. Lose 4 yards on your (only) offensive overtime possession, get saved by kicker (46 yd FG), then give up a 25 yd TD run of your first defensive play to lose the game? Check.

Maybe next year, Gopher fans.

David Johnson is a Pimp!

Just to have the opportunity to be called out by the Europeans is badass. And to be able to attempt the putt is fuckin awesome. But to actually sink it, and show up the Europeans (while collecting a cool hundo), is beyond words. That guy made need a wheelbarrow to carry his balls around.