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"Shirts v. Skins" Radio Show

Another Bill Burr skit (he should pay me for these)

"Shirts v. Skins" (Prince is dead/NBA Playoffs/NFL Draft)

"Shirts v. Skins" Podcast (Prince is dead/Be yourself)

"Shirts v. Skins" Podcast (the roller-coaster that is life)

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"Shirts v. Skins" ( Pres. Scott Wright & NFL Draft)

Best Fails of the Week 1 April 2016 || "You Knew That Was Going To Happe...

"Shirts v. Skins" Podcast (who names themselves "Pitbull")

"Shirts v. Skins" (Why I'm single)

"Shirts v. Skins" Podcast (Don't train tired!)

"Shirts v. Skins" (The Masters/NBA Playoffs/MLB/NFL Draft)

"Shirts v. Skins" radio show (Oklahoma should stick to football)

"Shirts v. Skins" Podcast (My life is officially a shit-show)