Top 10 Thursday

Happy Thursday from Venice Beach.

Some quick hits:

Trump missed the memo. Doesn't matter, really. Does it?

Looks like Chandler Jones is trying to keep up with his brother, Jon. Apparently, Chandler went to the emergency room for "synthetic weed." Police say he appeared to be "actively praying or worshiping." He's all good, and he'll be playing Sunday against the Chiefs, but I gotta know, is that synthetic shit really that good!?" I haven't tried it, but it sounds like I should.

Red McCombs is trying to get the Oakland Raiders to come to San Antonio. First off, I thought Red was dead. The guy's 88, and looks worse than Al Davis did before he finally kissed the dirt. You're right, he wasn't as bad as Davis. I mean, Davis is really tough to look at. But the San Antonio Raiders? GTFO.

Von Miller missed practice Wednesday because his tummy was feeling icky. Today, we found out why. Bud, TWO icees AND mozzarella sticks? What are you, 4?

Hue Jackson will be the new Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns. Obviously, this will be the last we hear of Hue Jackson again. And he'll forever have that face.

Chip Kelly's going to San Francisco. I actually think this will be a really good fit, but the best part is this.  Oh, and it look as though they've already met.

Poor girl gets suspended for speaking the truth. She should've got a reward, and been named the head of the WIAA. Fucking Wisconsin.

In one of those all-too-often-moments when you just get mad from the simplicity of it.

Can't wait for LeBron to show us all those classy spots in Cleveland.

The Joke of the day! (Mi-chelle) Get it? My shell? Alright then.

That's all, Folks! Enjoy your night.


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