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"Shirts v. Skins" A Sports Show. (The NFL has gone mad!)

"Shirts v. Skins" A Sports Show. (Gophers sex scandal)

Minnesota Gopher football gets raw deal

NFL hates these 8

"Shirts v. Skins" A Sports Show. (Lamar Jackson/Russell Westbrook v. Jordan/Vikings/NFL Preview)


"Shirts v. Skins" (Cowboys-Vikings/CFPlayoffs/Russell/LeBron/Gronk/Marijuana)

"Shirts v. Skins" (Mich-Ohio St/Vikings/BradfordvPrescott/MLB)

"Shirts v. Skins" Thanksgiving Day Special (Vikings-Lions/Redskins-Cowboys/Steelers-Colts)

NFL & Violence: A Double Standard

Sorry, Dak.

"Shirts v. Skins" Sports Radio (Trump/College football upsets/Vikings)

Jim Brown gets it

Fucking Harbaugh

Bitches be crazy!

America gets what it deserves- and everything will be ok

"Shirts v. Skins" (Cubs/Vikings/Bama-LSU/Trump/PacMan)

Bartman should tell the Cubs to fuck off

Surprise, Surprise! Buh buh, Norv.

Vikings (should be) in panic mode

"Shirts v. Skins" (Cubs-Indians/Clemson-Fla St./Jose Fernandez/Vikings)

Guy runs across country in 42 days. Seriously.

No heart sends Vikings to first loss v. Eagles

"Shirts v. Skins" (Cubs Win/Ohio St. Stumbles/Restraining orders)

"Shirts v. Skins" (Kaepernick will fail/Favre is hilarious/Alabama v. Ohio St. Championship)

"Shirts v. Skins" will be live from US Bank Stadium Sunday morning for the Vikings-Texans!

Fury loves the cocaine!

And you thought America was too violent.. Crazy Russians!!!

NFL Week 4 recap (Vikes-Giants/OBJ/Steelers/Packers/Cowboys)

You fucking People

Striking similarities

Des Bryant is a Bitch

"Shirts v. Skins" (Lamar Jackson is ridulous/Coaching is everything in college football)

The sun will come out.. tomorrow [morning at 8;30am PST]!!!!!

Aaaaand the Gophers still suck

David Johnson is a Pimp!

"Shirts v. Skins" (Vikes-Panthers/Tom Brady expendable?/Badger football)

"Shirts v. Skins" Podcast (Lamar Jackson/Ohio St./MINvsGB)

"Shirts v. Skins" (Sam Bradford trade/NFC North Preview/Colin Kaepernick)

"Shirts v. Skins" (Tony Romo/Colin Kaepernick is a P.O.S./So is Joey Bosa)

Kaepernick is a dick

THIS SUNDAY!!!!!!! (NFC East Preview/Joey Bosa didn't pass the 3rd grade!)

Joey Bosa's an idiot (just like his Dad!)

The way soccer should be.

#ICYMI.. Shirts v. Skins: A Sports Show (Bolt v. Phelps/Lochte/NFL Preview

Shirts v. Skins: A Sports Show (Phelps v. Bolt/Lochte/NFL Preview)

Everybody relax on the Dak ass-kissing

Ryan Lochte's an Idiot

Shirts v. Skins: A Sports Show. (NFL/Michael Phelps/Olympics)

Shirts v. Skins: A Sports Show

Shirts v. Skins: A Sports Show (NFL Preview/Hall of Fame)

Shirts v. Skins: A Sports Show (NFL Preview/AFC South)

Shirts v. Skins: A Sports Show (LGBTQ Pity Party/AFC West Preview)

"Shirts v. Skins" Sports Show: LeBron the G.O.A.T.?/Ben Simmons is over-rated/NBA Draft

"Shirts v. Skins" (some people are horrible humans)

"Shirts v. Skins" Sports Show! (Warriors force Game 7. Baylor is fucked. And Bills GM spits the TRUTH!)

"Shirts v. Skins" Podcast: The Beach. Hot Chicks. TGIF.

"Shirts v. Skins" Sports Radio: NBA Playoffs/Kentucky Derby/Beverly Hills House Party!

"Shirts v. Skins" Vlog (Fucking relax!)

"Shirts v. Skins" Vlog (It's all your fault, ladies)

"Shirts v. Skins" Radio Show: Jerry Sandusky/LeBron James/Canelo/Khan/NBA Playoffs

Shirts v. Skins Live! Sandusky/Walton/LeBron

Shirts v. Skins Podcast: Whorehouse & cross burning.

"Shirts v. Skins" Radio Show (NFL Owners & GM's are idiots/NBA Playoffs/Brady suspension)

"Shirts v. Skins" Podcast! (It is a small world after all)

"Shirts v. Skins" Radio Show

Another Bill Burr skit (he should pay me for these)

"Shirts v. Skins" (Prince is dead/NBA Playoffs/NFL Draft)

"Shirts v. Skins" Podcast (Prince is dead/Be yourself)

"Shirts v. Skins" Podcast (the roller-coaster that is life)

"Shirts v. Skins" Podcast (People are idiots, and Kobe Bryant steals the...

"Shirts v. Skins" ( Pres. Scott Wright & NFL Draft)

Best Fails of the Week 1 April 2016 || "You Knew That Was Going To Happe...

"Shirts v. Skins" Podcast (who names themselves "Pitbull")

"Shirts v. Skins" (Why I'm single)

"Shirts v. Skins" Podcast (Don't train tired!)

"Shirts v. Skins" (The Masters/NBA Playoffs/MLB/NFL Draft)

"Shirts v. Skins" radio show (Oklahoma should stick to football)

"Shirts v. Skins" Podcast (My life is officially a shit-show)

"Shirts v. Skins" Podcast (Final 4 is set & why friends are good)

"Shirts v. Skins" Podcast (Wu picks March Madness)

"Shirts v. Skins" Podcast 3/14/16 (Selection Sunday & March madness)

"Shirts v. Skins" Podcast (March Madness has begun!).. Dirty Sanchez, too!

"Shirts v. Skins" Podcast 3/10/16 Colin Kaepernick- Alex Boone- Miami Do...

"Shirts v. Skins" Podcast 3/9/16 NFL Free Agency talk.. Brock Osweiler- Mario Williams- Oliver Vernon- Bruce Irvin

Rafael dos Anjos: Conor McGregor Lacked Heart at UFC 196

"Shirts v. Skins" Podcast 3/8/16 Calvin Johnson retires & NFL moves

"Shirts v. Skins" Podcast 3/7/16 Peyton Manning retires & the Eagles get trade happy

"Shirts v. Skins" 3/6/16

Shirts v Skins Recap show #1

"Shirts v. Skins" recap (fail)

Yello - Oh Yeah (Official Video) HD Original

Why Deadpool won’t be hosting SNL

You can't make this shit up!

Jay Alvarrez In California (Alexis Ren)

Conor McGregor talks dos Anjos, Cerrone, 170lbs, relationship with UFC b...

"Shirts v. Skins" 2/21/16

Jimmy Interviews Michael Jordan (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

"The Day Beyoncé Turned Black" - SNL

"Shirts v. Skins" 2/14/16

Jimmy Interviews Peyton Manning (Kristen Wiig)

"Shirts v. Skins" LIVE 1/31/16

"Shirts v. Skins" Live 1/17/16

Hoke to the Ducks

"Shirts v. Skins" Podcast #2

Bill Burr on Colin Cowherd

"Shirts v. Skins" Live

"Shirts v. Skins" Podcast ep. 1

Top 10 Thursday

Deja Vu (and not the good kind)

Fer Christ's sake, Johnny..

Happy New Year!