Sunday, December 25, 2016

"Shirts v. Skins" A Sports Show. (The NFL has gone mad!)

Sunday, December 18, 2016

"Shirts v. Skins" A Sports Show. (Gophers sex scandal)

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Minnesota Gopher football gets raw deal

The Gopher football players are getting screwed.

Aside from having no charges filed against them because there was a lack of evidence, there's this:

During an 8-second clip, the woman “appears lucid, alert, somewhat playful and fully conscious; she does not appear to be objecting to anything at this time,” Wente wrote in his report. After viewing two additional videos, he wrote “the sexual contact appears entirely consensual.”

In no way am I a proponent of sexual abuse, but this girl was a whore for a night, and then couldn't take the shit-talking that came her way for being one, and tried to ruin these young men. Sad.

And on top of that, the players are facing the current suspension, and possible expulsion from the University of Minnesota because the school has a separate Ethics and Codes committee that apparently supercedes our own judicial system.

In the words of the late, great, Hall of Famer, Vince Lombardi, "What the hell is going on out there!"

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

NFL hates these 8

Another game? Another game! 

It's like Chris Rock screaming, "Another kid!" in his Never Scared stand-up when talking about Michael Jackson.

But that's how it feels with the NFL adding another London game. Another game? 


It's obvious enough, with the insistence of the Thursday Night games, that the NFL truly believes that you will watch anything (and that they are as greedy as The Scrooge).

But adding another game to the London slate just proves the NFL is all about the money grab (duh), they don't care about the players (because nobody wants to go to London), and are stubborn as hell in trying to get the rest of the world to like a sport they could give a shit about.

And 4 teams (Jaguars, Browns, Rams, and Dolphins) get screwed out of a home game on top of it. The other 4 (Ravens, Cardinals, Saints, and Vikings), just have to London, which sucks in itself, because it's not like going to Honolulu for the Pro Bowl (Orlando now). London weather sucks, and again, nobody wants to go there. 

And take a look at the teams going to London. How obvious is it that the NFL sends the bottom-feeders, knowing full well it doesn't matter who plays over there, because the game will be a sellout either way?

If the NFL really wanted to build its product globally, wouldn't you think the Cowboys or the Patriots would be sent packing to London? But we all know Bill Belichek would never agree to that, so the NFL sends the teams it knows won't put up a stink, even if the teams internally aren't thrilled about it.

Like I said on my radio show Sunday, nobody in London cares about American football. Neither does the rest of the world, for that fact, but we'll stick to London here.

Londoners go to the game because it's a fun thing to do on that day. They pack Wembley Stadium, get hammered, and watch a product they don't fully understand. They don't go because they love football. 

The Vikings [this year] continually try to run the football up the middle on 3rd or 4th & 1, and always get stopped. Yet they still try the same method, over and over.

The NFL wants to get to 400 million viewers, and they try and try by continually showing games in the UK, Mexico City, etc. 

I'm not sure how to get to the 400 million, but I do know that nobody outside of North America gives a shit about football, and that's ok. So, like the Vikings, the NFL should just stop trying.

Monday, November 21, 2016

NFL & Violence: A Double Standard

On yesterday's show, I talked about how the NFL seems to be targeted for its violence, while other sports- hockey, rugby, and boxing to name a few- have been somewhat ignored for theirs.

In football, offense has been given the green light in all aspects of football- at every level- and it's killing the sport.

No more physical cornerback play. No more decapitating the wide receivers coming across the middle. No more hitting (or touching) the quarterback. No more violence.

And for whatever reason, other sports are left alone. Hockey still has fighting. Let me repeat, hockey has in-game fights! That's preposterous, when it comes to this argument. Rugby continues to be brutal, and boxing is the best example of absolute violence- a sport I love- yet there's no talks of making it less violent.

Also, for the casual hockey fan, the fights are the same reason some watch NASCAR- for the crashes. I'm not asking to get rid of the fights [in hockey], or the scrums in rugby. I like the violence. And I think it's good for their sports, respectively. It's part of their DNA.

I'm just mad because it seems as though football has been asked to reduce the violence, while the other sports are ignored.

Obviously, concussions are a gigantic part of why the NFL has had to change its style of play. And let's be real clear and honest for a second. The only reason the NFL has changed is 100% because of litigation.

Lawsuits have that power and impact. Just ask McDonald's. They had to put specific labeling on their coffee, stating it's hot, because some idiot spilled on herself, and she sued- ending up with $3.5 million.


Now, grown men are looking for a payout through lawsuits, because of their own negligence. That is fact.

If the NFL had any sense, at all, they would tell the former players and their lawsuit to pound sand.

Football is a dangerous game. I started playing in 4th grade, and even though I didn't think of it then, it didn't take me long to figure out that football was violent.

But it was my choice to play, and I continued to do so through high school.

And I know, for sure, that I got a few concussions, yet I'm not blaming anybody because of it.

I love the game, and I loved playing the game. And I know deep down, the former NFLers who are suing the league, did too.

Unfortunately, I don't believe they realize what they are doing to the DNA of the game.

Because of them, football has had to change. And in one man's opinion, that's a shame.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sorry, Dak.

Dak Prescott is having an MVP-type season

I don't always admit when I'm wrong. Seriously, I just think it's just better to be stubborn, sometimes. But I was wrong on Dak Prescott. So wrong- and I have no problems admitting that one.

Even though the Cowboys took him in the 3rd round, I still believe they didn't expect what he's become. I don't think anybody but Dak and his Mama expected this, and maybe they didn't even expect this.

And the tape from Mississippi State didn't predict this, either. If anything, I expected him to switch positions in the pros, because I didn't think he looked like an NFL quarterback. Tight End? Yeah. QB? No way.


When he was tearing it up in the preseason, I told everybody who was anointing him the G.O.A.T. to just pump the brakes a bit. I agreed that what he was doing in the the preseason was impressive, but let's just wait and see what happens when the regular season comes; when defenses aren't playing so vanilla.

Well, here we are, 10 weeks into the NFL season (would life fucking slow down, please!), and Dak has led the Cowboys to a 8-1 record.

Granted, having a potential league MVP in rookie, Ezekiel Elliot, doesn't hurt, nor does having arguably the best offensive line in league history, but still, Dak looks like he belongs, and doesn't look anything like a rookie.

Dak's leadership and poise is off the charts. He's garnered the respect of everybody on the team, even Tony Romo's best friend and surefire Hall of Famer, Jason Witten.

No doubt, the Cowboys, their fans, ownership, and the organization as a whole, still love Tony Romo. He's been one of the NFL's best quarterbacks- when healthy.

But what Dak is doing right now is making even the staunchest Romo backer admit that this is Dak's team.

And yes, there's still a lot of football left to be played, so I still say let it all unfold before we build a statue for Dak outside of JerryWorld, but from the looks of it, Dak, Ezekiel, and that offensive line seem to be firmly entrenched in the playoff hunt- even the #1 seed- as they are now.

So yeah, sorry Dak. My bad.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Jim Brown gets it

"I think that I was disappointed initially," Brown explained. "But then I realized with this kind of action, the things that have been revealed on the negative side of life and Mr. Trump is now president, a tremendous responsibility is going to be on his shoulders."

I realize how upset most people are with Donald Trump being elected as President of the United States of America, but if there's one person who has been the face of political talk from day one, it's Jim Brown.

His outlook needs to be shared and realized. Give Trump the benefit of the doubt, until it needs debate. 

In the words of Aaron Rodgers, R.E.L.A.X.

Fucking Harbaugh

"Iowa's visiting football locker room received a humorous Michigan makeover Saturday before the teams square off in a prime-time game at Kinnick Stadium. Instead of the famed pink walls that have come to define the space, Michigan's equipment staff redecorated with a room full of maize and blue pictures, flags and phrases."

How the hell has nobody ever done this before? And why does Harbaugh seem to be ahead of everybody else? Year 2 at Michigan, and he's already beating everyone to the punch? If he keeps this up, he's rolling everybody- including Jolly ol' Nick down in Tuscaloosa. Write it down.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Bitches be crazy!

Jonnu Smith, one of the top tight ends in college football, will reportedly miss the rest of the season for Florida International after his girlfriend doused him with a pot of boiling water, according to an arrest affidavit cited byThe Miami Herald.

Wait. What?
  • According to the arrest affidavit, Smith, an NFL draft prospect, suffered severe burns on his head, neck, back, a shoulder and an arm.
No, no, no. Back up. Boiling water?

  • Gaspar and Smith argued through the day on Oct. 31 about how much attention Smith was paying her and their relationship. While in Smith's dorm room and "feeling extremely emotional and stressed," Gaspar told police, she boiled a pot of water. Then she walked over to Smith and poured it on him.
  • When Smith didn't react strongly enough for her, she started hitting him with her open hands, she told police.
This is true love, people. Loving somebody so much that you want to disfigure them? I can't think of a better way to say "I love you" more than that, right? He better hope she falls down a flight of stairs, or his life is over. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

America gets what it deserves- and everything will be ok

Even though I didn't vote, which definitely ignited the "You don't have a say then" crowd, I still was shocked by Donald Trump winning the Presidential Election last night.

I would've bet my life that his involvement in the election was a mere joke; a sideshow of a foregone conclusion that had Hilary Clinton winning by a wide margin.

And then last night unfolded, state by state for Trump. And when Florida was awarded to Trump, I knew it was over.

Being that I didn't have a horse in the race (I was voting for Bernie), it wasn't necessarily a big deal, as much as it was amazing that our society would elect a chauvinistic, racist.

Imagine how terrible of a job Clinton did of running her campaign? The Trump pins were set up to be easily knocked down, yet she threw a gutter ball. Her epic fail in this is really impressive.

But Clinton was no Saint, herself, and the U.S. people obviously took that into consideration. And forget the emails, Clinton's problem is that everybody knew, if elected, nothing would change, the status quo would remain, and that's not what America wanted, even though things are actually pretty good here.

I tell anybody who will listen that the U.S. has it so good, in fact, the majority still give a shit about the Kardashians. Once that changes, that's when you know people are actually starting to pay attention to real issues. Like it, or not, that's the reality.

Trump won because his campaign was a movement. People were fed up with the direction America was going, and they knew by electing Trump, a massive stone would be thrown into the calm lake, sending ripples throughout.

That's why I wanted Bernie. Bernie was a movement. A movement that was based on factual corruption that was taking place versus Trump's movement that was based off bluster, which obviously works with our society (see Jesse Ventura).

Bernie was squeezed out because he posed the biggest threat to both Clinton and Trump. Bernie was actually for the people, while the other two are solely, and obviously, for themselves. Fortunately for Bernie, he didn't get elected, because the last President to go against the machine was JFK, and we know how that story ends.

But even though Trump won, those of you who think the sky is going to fall, take solace in knowing the President is told what to do- a talking head for the people who actually run the world.

This isn't a conspiracy thought, but actual fact, so save the accusations.

America has a central bank, and we call that the Federal Reserve. The Fed prints money that is loaned to us. We pay income taxes to pay back that loan. I know this is shocking to some, and probably unbelievable to most, but the Fed is a private entity, put in place by those families who loan us the money. Only three countries in the world DO NOT have a central bank. Iraq, Syria, and North Korea.

The people who loan the U.S. that money are in the shadows. We are told Bill Gates is the World's Richest Man, but that is a hilarious fib. The families that loan countries money are the richest, and obviously the ones who have the last say.

So fret all you want about Trump being elected. Just give it time, and realize the things he campaigned on, just like Obama from '07, mean nothing when confronted against the money and power of the machine.

The machine always wins.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Bartman should tell the Cubs to fuck off

The "other guy", with his hand out, was that close to having his life ruined.

As a Vikings fan, I'm justified in blaming Gary Anderson for losing the '98 NFC Championship v. the Atlanta Falcons. His 38-yard miss kept the Falcons within reach, and they eventually won, in a slow-death, knife-churning-in-the-stomach loss that may go down as the worst loss in Vikings history.

And in the '09 NFC Championship, when Favre chose to throw across his body for an interception, instead of running for the first down that would've set up a game-winning field goal attempt v. the New Orleans Saints? That was 100% Favre's fault, and he should've been left on a New Orleans tarmac, a la, Lane Kiffen.

And last year, when Blair Walsh lined up- and missed- a game-clinching, 27-yard field goal in the NFC Wild-Card round against the Seahawks, he should've been tied to the field goal post [in the -10 degree weather], and left to freeze. That loss may be worse than '98, come to think of it, and without-a-doubt, was Walsh's fault.

So when Steve Bartman interfered with a fly ball on October 14th, 2003, at Wrigley Field, one that Cubs outfielder, Moises Alou, was attempting to catch in the NLDS v. the Florida Marlins, in a game that the Cubs went on to lose (and the series), the city of Chicago, and everybody in the media who could pile on the blame, did just that. And the life of Steve Bartman would be forever ruined, unjustly.

The Cubs were four outs away from a trip to the World Series, but because they blew it, everybody and their mother, put the blame squarely on Bartman because of his interference.

Heaven for bid, Cubs fans, you just admit the obvious. That your team blew it.

The notion that Bartman's interference led to the Cubs loss is pathetic, at best. Even worse, up until two nights ago, the Cubs fans actually blamed their long World Series drought on a billy goat!

Sorry, Cubs fans, your team just sucked. Period. For over 100 years.

Any one of us, put in Bartman's position, would have done the exact same thing. And if you say differently, you're a dick.

Being a Cubs fan for the last 108 years is the equivalent of being a Twins fan, minus the two World Series, of course. You had some decent teams, but for the most part, you were losers- the Lovable Losers. Your fans cared less if you won or lost, because they were getting hammered, partying in the stands with Harry Carey (which I've done).

Therefore, now that all the Cubs fans are sucking Bartman's dick, trying to get him to come out of hiding, I hope Bartman tells all of you to fuck off. You ruined a man's life over a baseball game, and never once thought to question if your motives were a bit misguided.


Enjoy your World Series, Chicago.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Surprise, Surprise! Buh buh, Norv.

Pretty sure nobody saw this coming.

Norv Turner, the offensive guru who was hired by the Vikings to be the OC, surprised everybody by announcing his resignation this morning.

Even with the Vikings offense being borderline pathetic this year, and even with all the injuries that have plagued Minnesota, Turner's announcement caught even the hardiest football insiders a bit off-guard.

But during Head Coach Mike Zimmer's presser, he said something that was indeed interesting. Zimmer said that he hopes Turner and himself can "remain friends."


Even in the most dire of situations, a statement like that makes Zimmer's claim of being "very, very surprised" [by Turner's resignation] somewhat suspect.

Remember this, Zimmer is a Bill Parcells guy, and with that said, I imagine it's Zimmer's way, or the highway- even with the impressive resume of Turner's.

Something tells me the ineptness of the Vikings offense, even with all the injuries, has got Zimmer giving some input. Turner, being an offensive guy, and not respecting Zimmer's advice (being that Zimmer's a defensive guy) may not have heeded any of the input, thus building some resentment between the two.

I could be totally wrong, and Turner, not seeing a good ending to the season, chose to cut ties, instead of riding out the inevitable.

But why would a possible Hall of Fame coach just quit on a team? Exactly. That's just something I don't believe.

Therefore, it gets back to Zimmer wanting change, and Turner not wanting Zimmer's advice.

Yet, after the dust settles, it's really not that big a loss. Granted, Turner is a really good coach, but the Vikings have Pat Shurmer waiting in the wings, and he's been Sam Bradford's coach on three different occasions, including this stint with the Vikings- two of which were a head coach, with the Rams and Eagles, respectively.

As a Vikings fan, I'm hoping this is the clichè'd "light a fire under the team" move. They need it.

But in reality, Shurmer now needs to figure out how to make the offensive line block better, not only for the league's worst run offense, but also in pass protection, so Sam Bradford doesn't end up in the hospital.

Good luck, Pat.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Vikings (should be) in panic mode

Last week, after getting housed by the Eagles, I said the Vikings either had a bad game (which everybody has- aside from the Patriots), or it was a sign of things to come. After last night, against the lowly Bears, unfortunately it's the latter.

The Vikings should be in full-blown panic mode.

For the second straight week, the offensive line was an embarrassment, and if I were Mike Zimmer, I would've had my foot up their fourth point of contact.

I understand the attrition on the O-line, but that kind of performance, especially against a bad team, is inexcusable, and hopefully they take a long look in the mirror, while grabbing their manhood like they got a pair, and realize this is a man's sport, and they need to start playing like it.

I will say this, the Dallas Cowboys are widely considered to have the best offensive line in football, and if they were to lose their starting two tackles, even they would obviously not be as dominant, so to think the Vikings should be even average on the line is optimistic at best.

But even more concerning than the offensive line is the defense.

That's two weeks in a row that the D hasn't been able to get any pressure on the QB- the M.O. of the Vikes defense. Throw in some dreadful tackling, and a suspect pass defense, and the Vikings defense has become above average when many were anointing them as the league's best.

A week after getting manhandled by a decimated Eagles offensive line- one that got worked a week before by the Redskins- the Vikings front seven once again had nothing against the 1-6 Bears.

Let me repeat, the 1-6 Bears.

All I can muster, is that football is a one-play-at-a-time sport, and you either win that play, or you don't. I realize the simplicity in that, but it really is that simple, and the Vikings defense, for the last two weeks, has gotten whooped on more plays than not.

And the talks of being a "historically great" defense are now shelved.

The '85 Bears. The '00 Ravens. The '02 Buccaneers. The '13 Seahawks. Even throw in last year's Broncos, who were statistically one of the best defenses ever. Those defenses are known as historically great.


Because not only were they stifling, but they carried hideous offenses. That's what made them historic, and that's how all-time great defenses are measured; Even when your offense isn't producing, do you still remain dominant?

The '00 Ravens didn't score an offensive touchdown for over 2 games, and were downright terrible (except for Jamal Lewis), yet still won the Super Bowl because Ray Lewis and Co. wouldn't let themselves be affected by Trent Dilfer's ineptness on offense. No matter how many 3 and outs the offense had, the Ravens D persevered. They were great, and the same can be said for the other defenses, as well.

The Vikings seem to be greatly affected by the offenses struggles.

Last night, the Vikings offense was pathetic, as it was the week before against a solid Eagles defense.

Both times, the Vikings defense seemed to be affected by this. I understand a certain synergy on a football team; the offense feeds off the defense and visa-versa, blah blah blah. But when you know you need to carry the other, letting yourself pout over the other's performance, and letting your play slack because of it, is a sign of weakness.

It would have been blasphemy to have considered the 2000 Ravens weak, but the Vikings, for the last two weeks, have been exactly that.

The Vikings season seems to be hanging by a thread, even at 5-2, and it's obvious that the offense will continue to struggle, unless the offensive line has an unexpected wake-up call.

So that leaves it up to the defense. Even if the offense doesn't score the rest of the season, the Vikes D needs to pull a '00 Ravens, and dominate in spite of the offense.

It's the Vikings only hope.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Guy runs across country in 42 days. Seriously.

Pete Kostelnick is a beast- and a record holder. He ran from San Francisco to New York in 42 days, 8 hours, and 34 minutes. That's 73 miles a day. That's insane.

And he's won the 135-mile Badwater Ultra-marathon twice. I just got blisters writing this.

Safe to say, he's better than you and me.

No heart sends Vikings to first loss v. Eagles

That was ugly.

Terrible offensive line play. Terrible quarterback play. Terrible defensive line play. And terrible special teams play.

I never expected the Vikings to go 16-0, but when you lose a game because you didn't put forth the effort, that's discouraging. Football is a physical and violent sport, and a lack of heart can be seen from a mile away. Especially in the trenches, where you either beat your guy, or you get beat.

The Vikings offensive line is decimated, but the guys who are playing are still professionals- good enough to be playing in the NFL- and to get beat up like they did on Sunday was embarrassing to watch. Hopefully, they're embarrassed, too, because if that's a sign of things to come, this once-promising season could go south in a hurry.

But not all the blame should be directed at the O-line. When Sam Bradford did have time to throw, which wasn't often, he was off, missing wide-open receivers (Charles Johnson down the sideline comes to mind, along with a bad miss to an open Diggs), and throwing uncharacteristic interceptions that gave the momentum right back to the Eagles- after the defense had seized it with picks of their own.

The short yardage run game is an obvious concern. If you need two inches for a first down, I'm thinking it shouldn't be a problem, which it obviously is. Not sure if all the blame is on the O-line for the lack of execution, but with Matt Asiata, you should be able to convert 3rd & 4th and shorts.

Defensively, the aggressiveness from the d-line was absent. After getting abused a week ago by the Redskins, the Eagles offensive line neutralized a Vikings front seven that had been dominant in the previous 5 games. No pass rush, at all for the Vikings. That was surprising against an average-at-best Eagles O-line.

As a whole, the defense did what they needed to do, only giving up 13 points, but Carson Wentz never seemed flustered, and was always getting rid of the football with time to spare. For the front seven, this game was a step backward.

It's only one game, and it feels a lot easier to lose this way than to have played your best, yet still lose. And kudos to Philly's defense. They played like the Vikings defense usually does.

Either way, the 5-0 Vikings were covering weaknesses by winning, while the 5-1 Vikings are now obligated to look in the mirror.

With some poor performances across the board Sunday, maybe this loss is exactly what they needed.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fury loves the cocaine!

Heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury has once again tested positive for cocaine, according to documentation of the failed test obtained by on Wednesday.
It should come as little surprise, however, because Fury admitted in a lengthy interview with Rolling Stone this week that over the past four months, he has "done lots of cocaine. Lots of it."
What a dumbass. We all know coke is outta the system in 3 days (or so I've been told), so this guy must've been banging harder than ol' Scarface himself
Just like the idiot Pros who get busted for coming up hot on a piss test when they now it's coming, Fury obviously thought the rules should be different for "The Champ." They're not.

And you thought America was too violent.. Crazy Russians!!!

NFL Week 4 recap (Vikes-Giants/OBJ/Steelers/Packers/Cowboys)

A quarter of the season is already done (insert tears), and the NFL couldn't be any more confusing. The two NFC Championship game participants from last year are 1-3 (Cardinals & Panthers), while the Rams (the Rams!) and Eagles lead their respective divisions. Wait, what?

Throw in the absurd amount of unproven QB's leading their teams to winning records (Bradford, Wentz, Keenum, Garappolo/Brisset, Osweiler, Seimien/Lynch, Prescott), and well, you have the 2016 version of the NFL.

It's not as weird as it seems, though.

Denver proved last year that you can win with great defense and subpar QB play. It's been proven for years actually, but it seems this year, there are more teams following that blueprint. The Eagles (the EAGLES!) are the #1 ranked defense, and they sit at 3-0. The aforementioned Super Bowl defending Champion Broncos are terrorizing folks with their D once again, and they sit at 4-0, while the Vikings, with all their injuries on the offensive side of the ball, are at the top of the NFC North at 4-0 because of a defense that leads the league in sacks and turnover margin. Throw in the Rams, Seahawks, and Texans (all 3-1), and it's safe to say great defenses will always beat a top offense.

The Steelers returned to their dominating ways after a disappointing loss to the upstart Eagles in a Sunday night destruction of the Chiefs. Big Ben threw 5 td's, two going to Antonio Brown, and the Steelers welcomed back, Le'Veon Bell to add to their prolific offense.

The Patriots finished 3-1 without Brady, who returns this week to play against the sacrificial Browns. It will be interesting to see how the Patriots bounce back from getting shut out at home by the hated rival, Bills. Everybody thinks it's a slam-dunk getting a "motivated" Tom Brady back, and we all should be right on this, but this is the NFL, and crazier things have happened.

The Vikings continued their defensive dominance, this time against the Giants on Monday Night Football. They held the crybaby, Odell Beckham Jr, to a career low 23 yards, and even though they never sacked Eli Manning, they made it look like Eli was terrified all night. The last three QB's the Vikings have faced, Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton, and Eli Manning, have thrown a combined one TD and 5 int's. SKOL!

The Rams are following the Vikings blueprint of 2015, while the Cardinals are following the Vikings blueprint of 2010. The Chargers are the best at losing in creative ways. The Raiders are as advertised, and the Jaguars need to fire Gus Bradley. And raise your hand if you thought the NFC East would be the strongest division.

A quarter of the way done, yet the marathon is just getting interesting.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

You fucking People

I shouldn't be surprised. With society's insatiable appetite for people like Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, and a host of others before him, Odell Beckham Jr's cry-fest and childish tantrums have engulfed the football radio/internet waves.

I just ask why?

Why are people attracted to this type of behavior? And why on earth are there people out there defending this spoiled piece of shit (looking at you, Nick Wright)?

I'm not the smartest man, but I do know, as a society, any attention given to Beckham, or any malcontent, is aimless.

If there's any talk about him, at all, it should be about the ass-whooping he deserves, because he obviously never got one when he was younger.

Wright said that Eli Manning "threw his teammate under the bus" when Eli said Beckham basically needs to grow up, and start acting right.

He's accusing Manning of being wrong? MANNING! This idiot (Wright) has kids! I can only imagine how terrible they are if he condones this behavior from Beckham.

For a psychologist, diagnosing Beckham is wildly easy. He's been babied his whole life, told how great he is, and has never had to deal with adversity- until now- and we're seeing how he's dealing with it.

Diagnosing society's addiction to watching a shit-show? That's the mystery.

And that's the problem with our society.

Just because a person, Beckham in this case, is uber-talented, are we to believe he deserves a different set of standards when it comes to behavior in the workspace, or life in general compared to his peers?

In sports, we see this all the time. Greg Hardy is a prime example. He beat the shit out of his girl. Yeah, but can he still rush the passer? Yes. Then sign him up!

We all know if Ray Rice could still be productive he would've got another gig, too, and all he did was knock the shit out of his girl and drag her into an elevator- on camera!

Wright said Beckham isn't capable of changing. "That's who he is." A 23 year old not able to change? Sorry, but I gotta disagree with that one. Anybody can change, it just gets harder the older you get. At 23, he's going to.change- even if he doesn't want to.

The problem is our society. I've said it a million times, but we need to stop coddling these kids. And yes, I blame his parents, too. He should've been set straight when he was young, and that obviously didn't happen.

Just do me a favor.. Stop.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Striking similarities

The sports world often repeats itself. With so many years, and so many games played, it has no choice.

There's two examples in the NFL this season that are eerily reminiscent of '10 & last year, both of which include the Minnesota Vikings.

First, the Arizona Cardinals. Last year, the Cards made it to the NFC Championship game, only to get housed by Carolina. This year, they brought everybody back from that team (and traded for Chandler Jones!), and most people (not me) were picking them as the most talented, and probably Super Bowl bound.
In '09, the Vikings went to the NFC Championship game and lost (in OT) to the Saints in what became known as Bounty-gate. The following year, the Vikes returned the majority of that team, and had real Super Bowl aspirations with Brett Favre and Co.
Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned. The roof caved in at the Metrodome (a true metaphor for the season), and Favre ended up getting blasted to the turf at TCF Bank Stadium, thus sending him to retirement, and Brad Childress got fired. The Vikings finished 6-10.
I'm not saying the Cardinals are looking at a 6-10 finish, or coach Bruce Arians is going to get fired, but with Carson Palmer getting crushed yesterday, leaving with a concussion, and the Cardinals sitting at 1-3, with a Thursday night road game at San Francisco (we know how that will end), the similarities to the '10 Vikings are hard to ignore.

Second, the Los Angeles Rams. Like the Vikings last year, the Rams looked terrible in getting shut out on Monday Night Football against the 49ers 28-0 (Vikings lost 20-3 in last year's opener), and people were openly talking about them going 0-16 after that embarrassment. Not sure what losing to the 49ers does to teams, but aside from a literal kick in the ass, it must pack a wallop, because the Rams have won three straight after that opening-night disaster in San Francisco (Vikes went 2-1, losing to eventual Super Bowl champs, Denver, in OT), and are looking night and day from the team that got beat up on that opening Monday night.
The Vikings went on to win 11 of 15, win the division, and if it weren't for a missed 27-yd field goal by the Idiot Kicker, who knows how the season would've ended?
I'm not saying the Cards are going 11-5, but they do have a similar recipe to what the Vikings had last year in a solid run game, and a lights-out defense. With the Cards and Panthers sitting at 1-3, the door is open for the young Rams to take control in the NFC.

One team on the rise, and one team picking up the pieces. Just not the two we expected. God, I love football.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Des Bryant is a Bitch

I get it, wide receivers are divas, but 40 times late (give or take) to meetings? That's bullshit. All I know is this, if he were on the Patriots or Vikings, this wouldn't happen. Which means Cowboys head coach, Jason Garrett, is at fault. He is the one who sets precedent, and by letting this conduct happen, he is showing his team the favoritism to Dez, which probably has some sort of dissent in the locker room. Whether the team openly complains is another topic, but being that most of us have been around this type of favoritism, we know it's not healthy.

"Shirts v. Skins" (Lamar Jackson is ridulous/Coaching is everything in college football)

Saturday, October 1, 2016

The sun will come out.. tomorrow [morning at 8;30am PST]!!!!!

Ryder Cup. Lamar Jackson v. DeShaun Watson. NFL Week 4 & More!!!!!!

Aaaaand the Gophers still suck

Give up a 10-point halftime lead? Check. Surrender 17 unawswered points? Check. Make a respectable comeback, and take the lead on a field goal with 54 seconds left, only to have your defense give up a late drive- including a 27 yard run by the opposition's QB (not named Lamar Jackson)- to set up a game-tying 40 yarder? Check. Lose 4 yards on your (only) offensive overtime possession, get saved by kicker (46 yd FG), then give up a 25 yd TD run of your first defensive play to lose the game? Check.

Maybe next year, Gopher fans.

David Johnson is a Pimp!

Just to have the opportunity to be called out by the Europeans is badass. And to be able to attempt the putt is fuckin awesome. But to actually sink it, and show up the Europeans (while collecting a cool hundo), is beyond words. That guy made need a wheelbarrow to carry his balls around.

Monday, September 5, 2016

"Shirts v. Skins" (Sam Bradford trade/NFC North Preview/Colin Kaepernick)

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Kaepernick is a dick

Colin Kaepernick wouldn't know the first thing about oppression with his $19 million salary this year. It's like it's easy to stand up for something when you have no idea what you're talking about- except what you're told through the media. Somebody should just shoot him, and get it over with.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

THIS SUNDAY!!!!!!! (NFC East Preview/Joey Bosa didn't pass the 3rd grade!)

Joey Bosa's an idiot (just like his Dad!)

Joey Bosa is living his dad's dream!

Father Bosa was a high school stand out, got a full-ride scholarship to Boston College, then got drafted first round by the Miami Dolphins in 1987. He then held out 41 days, because he's an idiot. He lasted 3 years in the NFL, and is now known as Joey Bosa's dad.

Son Joey was a stand out at St. Thomas Aquinas high school, got a full-ride scholarship to Ohio St., and was then drafted 3rd overall by the Chargers (which had everybody asking why anyway).
Son Joey is now into the 3rd week of preseason, with no end to his holdout in sight.

Sound familiar?

I can't help but believe that Father Bosa is in Joey's ear, telling his son to try and get as much money as he can, because deep down, Father Bosa knows Joey is a bust and needs to get as much money as he possibly can. Because like Father Bosa, Son Joey will be out of the NFL in 3 years.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Everybody relax on the Dak ass-kissing

Saw this on the Cowboys blog, and almost spit out my breakfast.

Look, I get that Dak has had a couple good pre-season games, but let's just pump the brakes before anointing him the greatest Goddamn QB ever, shall we? He's largely going up against the two's, so there's that, plus, he's the SECOND STRINGER! If Romo goes down, which is likely given his past, and Dak goes in and does this during the regular season, then great, you can suck his dick then. But until then, just chill the fuck out.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Ryan Lochte's an Idiot

You ever know those people who will do anything for attention? If not, meet Ryan Lochte. A true piece of shit, that will tell a pathetic lie to make himself look good, only then to flee a country and leave his "friends" behind to be interrogated by police in a foreign country. Yeah, a real stand-up guy. Best part? He's obviously gay, but can't even be truthful about that!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Shirts v. Skins: A Sports Show

Don't miss a new Shirts v. Skins: A Sports Show, this Sunday at 9am PST! Olympics and an NFL Preview (NFC South)!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Friday, May 6, 2016

Shirts v. Skins Live! Sandusky/Walton/LeBron

Tune in Sunday morning at 9am PST for another live taping of "Shirts v. Skins." We'll dive into the new accusations surrounding Jerry Sandusky, along with discussing if Luke Walton is the right fit, and the right hire for the Lakers.

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"Shirts v. Skins" Radio Show

Tune in tomorrow morning at 9am PST for a LIVE taping of "Shirts v. Skins." We'll discuss the NFL Draft, who the winners and losers were, along with answering the question: Do owners and GM's get to caught up in off-field transgressions? Randy Moss and Warren Sapp would probably say so. Also, NBA Playoffs are onto the 2nd round without Steph Curry. Do the Warriors stand a chance, or did the injury bug hit at the worst possible time? That and more on "Shirts v. Skins."

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Shirts v Skins Recap show #1

A recap of the LIVE "Shirts v. Skins" show that we recorded earlier today. Not my best work, but that'll come. Cheers!

"Shirts v. Skins" recap (fail)

This is what happens when I try to do a recap of "Shirts v. Skins" without rehearsing. 

Yello - Oh Yeah (Official Video) HD Original


Why Deadpool won’t be hosting SNL

Ryan Reynolds can basically run for Prez at this point. Guy's fucking great. And if you haven't ever seen "Waiting" or "Van Wilder", you should be shot. Goodnight!

You can't make this shit up!

Apparently, Kanye West is in debt. I mean, I guess I'm not surprised being that he doesn't come off as exactly the most intelligent guy. But still, a GoFundMe account to help raise the $53 million? Fuck, what could possibly be next? And yes, people are giving.

Jay Alvarrez In California (Alexis Ren)

This video always makes me dream big. And watching Alexis isn't terrible, either. We-U!

Conor McGregor talks dos Anjos, Cerrone, 170lbs, relationship with UFC b...

Getting close to McGregor/dos Anjos. And I'm getting wicked excited! Isn't McGregor looking thicker than usual?

"Shirts v. Skins" 2/21/16

Latest "Shirts v. Skins" LIVE show!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hoke to the Ducks

Think what you want about Hoke, but he knows defense. And being that the Ducks were last in the Pac-12 in total defense, this is a lights out hire by Helfrich.

"Shirts v. Skins" Podcast #2

Bill Burr on Colin Cowherd

Best comedian on the planet! Also, I'm a huge Cowherd fan, but it is funny to see Burr make it as if Cowherd had no idea what to say, or how to deal with him. Enjoy.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Top 10 Thursday

Happy Thursday from Venice Beach.

Some quick hits:

Trump missed the memo. Doesn't matter, really. Does it?

Looks like Chandler Jones is trying to keep up with his brother, Jon. Apparently, Chandler went to the emergency room for "synthetic weed." Police say he appeared to be "actively praying or worshiping." He's all good, and he'll be playing Sunday against the Chiefs, but I gotta know, is that synthetic shit really that good!?" I haven't tried it, but it sounds like I should.

Red McCombs is trying to get the Oakland Raiders to come to San Antonio. First off, I thought Red was dead. The guy's 88, and looks worse than Al Davis did before he finally kissed the dirt. You're right, he wasn't as bad as Davis. I mean, Davis is really tough to look at. But the San Antonio Raiders? GTFO.

Von Miller missed practice Wednesday because his tummy was feeling icky. Today, we found out why. Bud, TWO icees AND mozzarella sticks? What are you, 4?

Hue Jackson will be the new Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns. Obviously, this will be the last we hear of Hue Jackson again. And he'll forever have that face.

Chip Kelly's going to San Francisco. I actually think this will be a really good fit, but the best part is this.  Oh, and it look as though they've already met.

Poor girl gets suspended for speaking the truth. She should've got a reward, and been named the head of the WIAA. Fucking Wisconsin.

In one of those all-too-often-moments when you just get mad from the simplicity of it.

Can't wait for LeBron to show us all those classy spots in Cleveland.

The Joke of the day! (Mi-chelle) Get it? My shell? Alright then.

That's all, Folks! Enjoy your night.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Deja Vu (and not the good kind)

The picture alone makes me want to shoot something.

I've been told many times to "let it flow, then let it go", but after 7 hours of not being able to let the Vikings loss to the Seahawks go, I feel like like blogging about their defeat is the only way to truly "let it go."

The culprits are obvious. Blair Walsh missing the inexplicable 27-yard FG to win the game. And Adrian Peterson, fumbling (3rd fumble lost in 5 post-season games) the football away ('09 NFC Championship anyone?), in what gave the Seahawks a chance to kick the go-ahead FG, and then blaming himself for the loss. Together, they were able to hand the out-played Seahawks a playoff win in what appeared to be a miserable setting (-6 degrees below with a windchill of -25).

Yet the question to so many Vikings fans is always "Why us?"

4 Super Bowls losses, 4 NFC Championship defeats ('87, '98, 41-0 & '09), Darrin Nelson' drop, Gary Anderson's game-sealing FG miss, 12 men in the huddle, Drew Pearson's "Push-off" Hail Mary, Favre's interception, & Antonio Freeman picking the pass off Chris Dishman's back are just a handful of tear-your-heart-out moments in the illustrious history of the Minnesota Vikings. There's so many more that I can't even remember, or maybe I just don't want to try, but either way, you get the picture. For whatever reason, the Vikings have been cursed as bad as any franchise in pro sports. And yes, that includes the Cubs.

Yes, I realize it's just a game, and just like every other disaster the Vikings can cause, I'll be fine. You have to wonder, though, why it is the Vikings, and basically every other Minnesota sports team (minus the Lynx) has a dark cloud hanging over? In the iconic words of Vince Lombardi, "What the hell is going on out there!?"

If I had to guess as to why, I'd say it's because Minnesotans, when it comes to their sports teams, always expect the worst and hope for the best. It's seriously the only thing I can come up with. Ask any of them, and they'll tell you they're not ready to crown a victory until the final horn/whistle blows. And because of this, games like today happen. I truly believe it's gotten to the point of karma with the Minnesota fanbase.

I know that sounds ridiculous, but there's no other explanation I can think of. Instead of going into games expecting to win, we expect to lose, while hoping for a win. Seriously, listen to sports-talk radio in Minneapolis/St. Paul, and you tell me what the vibe is. It's definitely not an air of confidence.  It's more wishful, and it's understandable, too, after getting kicked in the balls for the last 54 years. The guy at the bar today, a Seahawks fan, said he expects to win every game. I'm sure the Patriots fans feel the same. That's how we felt in '98.

And maybe that in itself is why this game, albeit hurting a lot right now, will dissipate a lot faster than '98 or '09 did. The expectation of those two teams were Super Bowl, whereas this squad wasn't pegged to be Super Bowl contenders. Nonetheless, it hurts like a son-of-a-bitch. If nothing else, just the way they lost. I mean, 27 Goddamn yards! Are you fucking kidding me?! Seriously, it's just stupid.

They might not have had the same expectations, but to lose like this, in true Vikings style, is what hurts, and in turn begs the question, "Why us?"


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Fer Christ's sake, Johnny..

Seriously, Johnny. WTF!

The Cleveland Browns hate their fans.

In a move that can only be heralded by 3rd graders, Manziel actually donned a blonde wig and fake mustache, and went out in public on Saturday... in Las Vegas. VEGAS! And if that's not dumb enough, on the way to the airport [that morning], he was stopped and given a traffic citation for expired plates on his '15 Nissan, which I could only hope was a Skyline. 

Generally, getting dressed up incognito, and going out isn't a big deal, and really, who gives a shit if he did?  It's a little strange when it's not Halloween, but whatever. 

The problem is that Johnny was supposed to be in Berea, OH, Sunday morning for his mandatory concussion treatment, and as you probably have heard by now, he missed it, along with Cleveland's game vs. Pittsburgh. 

We all have friends and family who have addictions. Be it drinking, gambling, eating, etc. I deal with a hellish binge-eating addiction, and I can only tell you the place is very dark. 

Some of us try to get help to overcome the addictions, and others try to beat it themselves. Johnny wants to think he's trying to "beat" alcohol. Problem is, the Cleveland Browns think Johnny has an alcohol problem, as do many other millions of people. I strongly disagree. Johnny has a "partying problem."

Johnny comes from a very wealthy family, and I can only imagine he's had his ass wiped for him his whole life. He's the kid with the messy room, because, well, "somebody else will clean it up." His traffic citation Saturday morning because of "expired license plates" screams spoiled, simply because he probably doesn't know how to renew them.

But aside from his silver-spooned misgivings, which you really can't blame him for taking advantage of, he seems to have always been the life of the party, and that's why he's acting the way he is. It's hidden as alcohol addiction, because that's what he and his friends do. In case you didn't know, partying generally involves drinking. If they partied at the chess hall, it would still bring about the same dilemma; Johnny needs the attention. He needs to feel wanted.

Johnny's problem is that he has to be where the action is, and is willing to throw away something 99.9% of the rest of us would kill for. Study the craft to become an All-Pro QB, or go to Vegas with the guys? Johnny says, "Vegas, Baby!"

It's sad, too, because I'm sure Manziel is a good kid. I have a friend who shares his dilemma, and the kid has a heart of gold. He just has to be out every night, because that's where the people are, and those people LOVE him. It's like a drug, and he can't stop using.

Manziel's also blinded by what he thinks isn't a big deal (i.e. missing a mandatory treatment for concussion, or going out with the guys instead of watching film). He's still young enough, and naive enough, to think that people will continue to keep giving him second (and third, and fourth) chances.

Eventually, the Browns, and then whoever he signs with next, will finally be done with him. Unfortunate? Maybe. But his understanding of success isn't grounded in becoming the best QB, it's about being the best at partying, and having a dark place in his mind that doesn't want the fun to stop, because he's scared of what comes next. And I'm thinking he's OK with that. After all, he's got his family money to fall back on.

I said long ago, before Cleveland drafted him last year, that Johnny would fail at the NFL level. Not because of his social life, but because I didn't think his game would translate [to the NFL]. But seeing him against the 49ers, a little against the Seahawks, and definitely during the Chiefs game, I thought I may be wrong about his NFL potential. I just don't think he can shed his inner Joe Nameth for all of us to find out.

And for Cleveland fans, the change can't come soon enough.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Hope all of you had a great end to your 2015, and a good start to your 2016.

Hate to say it, but thank God for Ohio St. & Michigan. After the Michigan St. ass-whooping last night, and Northwestern laying an egg this morning, the Buckeyes and Wolverines came through with a couple beatdowns of their own. Hopefully, Iowa can handle Stanford (unlikely), and the Big 10 (12? 14?) can come out with a decent Bowl season.

Some quick hits:

Speaking of Ohio St. & Michigan, as long as Meyer and Harbaugh stay put, this matchup will get back to being the best in the country (and I'm totally stoked about it).

Matt Barnes got drunk and went to Instagram. Full whine here:

I don't think Ezekiel Elliott will be a good pro. He's already as fat as Lacy- and he's a poor man's Lacy!

I'm tired of Vikings players not able to play through the pain: Seriously, it's the biggest game of the year, Linval. Man up!

If Rick Pitino wants to give ANY of us the finger, we should be so lucky. But seriously, it's 'the finger", and seriously, who really cares?

I was at the gym this morning at 8:30am. On New Years Day. You know who wasn't at the gym? Attractive people.

More impressive record, Golden State or the 76ers? Don't be so quick to discount the 76ers on this one... 3-31 is kind of impressive.

I can't tell you how difficult it is dealing with this weather everyday.

It's Rose bowl time!

Have a great time watching the game, and best wishes to you all on a very successful 2016!

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