Show review (BLM & Concussions) 12/27/15

Obviously, I would've liked to have at least one caller on the show today, but I guess the millions of you listening were just too shy to make your voices heard. No worries, I was able to fill the 1/2 hour. Topics today included the changing of the show's name, the Black Lives Matter Movement & concussions in the NFL.
As for the BLM, I wondered aloud while the protests are for a good cause, are they are misguided? Interrupting holiday shopping at the Mall of America and delaying flights at MSP airport aren't the mature way of going about drawing the right kind of attention to your cause. Also, I raised the question of why there are no marches or protests for the black on black homicides, just for white on black? Per FBI statistics from 2013, of the black homicides, 91% were committed by fellow black people, so it seems like there should be epic marching and protesting for that, comparatively to the BLM Movement against a couple white cops (and one black one...) killing a couple black guys.
As for the concussion discussion (see what I did there), I feel like the former NFLers who are trying to sue the NFL for hiding information on the complications of concussions are in it for the money. There's no way you can convince me that a NFL player didn't know the dangers of hitting your head a 100k times. That's just common sense. Plus, what is the NFL hiding? If the NFLers are so concerned, maybe they should consult Google for a couple minutes, or call the Mayo Clinic? Granted, it will probably say to not hit your head a 100k times, but it's the NFLers choice to do so, and they did. Why is it the NFL's fault that they are suffering from too many concussions? It's about time people start looking in the mirror, instead of blaming others for their voluntary decisions. End of story.


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