Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Randy in San Fran?

Randy's going to San Francisco, but is it a good fit?  Granted, the 49ers were a win away from the Super Bowl, but how do you think Randy will jive with Alex (I can't throw a five yard out) Smith?  Better yet, will he respect Jim Harbaugh?  I think this has disaster written all over it.
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Friday, March 9, 2012

Tubby Smith

By his fifth year, I'm pretty sure all of us would have thought Tubby Smith would have had the Gopher's basketball team in a much better place.  But with a 38-49 Big Ten record, and another disappointing seson coming to a close, the question needs to be asked: Is it time for Tubby to go?  This blogger says, "Bye Bye." 
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Peyton Manning

Bye Bye, Peyton.  

Now that the Colts have made it official, where does Peyton go?  What's the best fit for Manning, or was it in Indy?  Was it the right move by the Colts?  Should they have kept Manning on and done what the Packers did with Aaron Rodgers? 
I tell you one thing, Mr. Andrew Luck better be the real deal...
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Friday, March 2, 2012

Wilt's 100

It's ludicrous to say that scoring 100 points in an NBA game isn't amazing, but was it more of a reality when Wilt Chamberlain did it? 
50 Years ago today, Chamberlain scored a record 100 points in a game.  And the record seems poised to stick around awhile, especially since the greatest player ever (Jordan) is retired, and the second best scorer ever (Bryant) is at the twilight of his career.
But how great of a record is it?  At the time, Chamberlain was by far the biggest player in the league, and very skilled to boot.  There wasn't any competition for a man who averaged 30 points/gm and 23 rebounds/gm in his career.  Hell, he averaged 50 points/gm in '61-'62 when playing for the Philadelphia Warriors!  Today's NBA leaders for points/gm usually sits around 30.
I don't want to take anything away from Wilt; he set a precedent that still stands today.  But don't you think Jordan could've gotten to 100 back then?  Kobe scored 81 in this era, so you can't tell me he wouldn't have gone for 100.
What's your take?  Is Chamberlain's record skewed by the era, or is it something that should be appreciated and not debated?
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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gay Marriage

Good for you, Maryland (insert gay clap!). 
It's crazy to think that Gay Marriage is even an issue anymore, but there are a lot of idiots still out there. 
Maryland passed Gay Marriage today, which should be obvious, but there's many more states out there left to go.  Why is that?  Is religion that much of an excuse anymore?  What are the drawbacks, if not religious beliefs, that are keeping people from voting for Gay Marriage? 
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MN Vikings Stadium

The Minnesota Vikings have been in Minny since 1961.  They're a franchise that has a rich and storied past, depending on if you think close counts.  They started off playing in the Old Met Stadium, then moved to the Metrodome in 1982, and have been there since.  Now the Vikings want a new home, because the Metrodome is a piece of shit.
But even if the Metrodome is arguably the worst stadium in the NFL (and maybe all of sport), is it in our (the taxpayers) best interests to pony up almost half the money to build a stadium for the Wilf family;  Money that we will never see back? 
I love sports as much as the next, maybe more, but as I get older, I have a harder time justifying giving my money to Billionaires.  Granted, if the stadium is built, I'll go.  But if the Vikings moved, I'd have no problem with that, either  They'll be back...
We've seen this before with the MN North Stars (that's hockey for those of you out of the loop).  They left, only to come back to Minny at a higher cost than what it would have cost to keep them here the first time.  And that's what will happen with the Vikings, too.
Is it cost effective for us (the people putting up half the money) to do the stadium now, or wait until the Vikings leave, realize how bad you all miss them, and then have to fork over that much more [money] to bring them back?  Or do you not care if they leave?
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why do Minnesota Sports Suck

1998 Vikings (It still hurts).  2010 Vikings.  '03-'04 T-Wolves.  The Twins of the 2000's.  '03 Wild.  Gopher's sports that matter (sorry Gophers Hockey & Wrestling).  Close, but... 
It's been a long time since the fans of MN have had something to celebrate in terms of a championship (Sorry Lynx).  The Vikings had 4 chances at a Super Bowl in the '70's, and a few more along the way.  The Twins last hurrah was '91, and really haven't gotten that close since.  The Timberwolves got close once, but since then have been an embarrassment-  and the same goes for the Wild.  Gophers sports, the major ones at least, have been average at best, although you could probably blame that on the mascot.  A Gopher, really?
So what is it?  Why as MN fans, are we subjected to some of the worst gaffes in sports history, and some of the worst decisions by our franchises?  Herschel Walker, Gary Anderson, Michigan Comeback in '03 against our Gophers football, Latrell Spreewell, Love Boat Incident, Joe Smith, Isiah Rider, Troy Williamson, Twins of the 90's (after '92).  There's so many more pathetic displays- too many to log- but is there a reason?
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